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Thursday, 27 November 2008

One of the ISDE father Prof. Chen Shupeng passed away

Prof Wang Changling, Secretary of the International Society Digital Earth submitted the following sad news from China which I would like to share also with the Hungarian GI/RS community. I personally met Prof. Chen at the ISDE-4 Symposium held in Tokyo and I was deeply impressed by his enormous contribution to the development of the R+D and applications of GI/RS also reflected by the introduced book entitled "Geo-Information Science and Digital Earth" published by Science Press.
Here you are the message of Prof. Wang he sent to the member of executive committee of ISDE yesterday:

"It is with my great sorrow and regret to let you know that our respected and renowned ISDE EC member, Prof. Chen Shupeng passed away at 20:05 on Nov. 25, 2008 at the age of 88.
Prof. Chen was a great scientist both in China and in the world. He was respected a father-figure person in China both in remote sensing and GIS fields. Further more, I need to say that he was one of the founders of the International Society for Digital Earth, and had played important role in advancing digital earth both in China and in the world.
Immediately after the speech of Mr. Al Gore in 1998, the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized several meetings to discuss the concept of Digital Earth, and Prof. Chen was one of the key scientists on supporting the Digital Earth.
In April 1999, he published a book "One Hundred Questions about Digital Earth" by Science Press, Beijing, and a paper "Digital earth as a global strategy and its master point " on Journal of Remote Sensing, China; "Digital Earth-challenge and some thoughts" on Remote Sensing Information ;
"Earth Observation and Digital Earth - Understanding and Development", Chen Shupeng and Guo Huadong. The 20th Asian Conference on Remote Sensingļ¼Œ1999.
At the 1st International Symposium on Digital Earth in Beijing, he presented "Geo-Graphic Information Science and Digital Earth",
In 2001, he published "Digital Earth Monitoring for World Forest" in Journal of Remote Sensing, China
At the 1st International Workshop on Geobrowser held in December 2002 in Beijing, he presented "Digital Earth in Progress";
In 2003, he wrote a chapter "Remote Sensing Applications and Digital Earth" , published at Science Press in China, Science Press";
In 2003, he published a paper "Digital Earth: Co-constructing and Sharing" at Scientific Consult, China
In 2003, at the 3rd ISDE in Brno, Czech Republic, he presented "Briging over the Digital gaps for sustainable development"
In 2004, he published a book with 740 pages "Geo-Information Science and Digital Earth", Science Press.
In 2005, at the 4th ISDe in Tokyo, he presented "Grid System for Digital Earth"
In 2007, He wrote "Digital Earth in Support of Global Change Research" with Co-author Prof. John van Genderen, which was published on the Inaugural Issue of the International Journal of Digital Earth. This paper was written when he was in hospital for his heart-attack treatment.
Above is only some of his publications for his work related to Digital Earth. From this you can see what a huge amount of great support he did for digital earth activities.
Prof. Chen was an advisor of the Development Strategy Committee of the Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, CAS, and he paid great care to the 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth to be held next year in Beijing. It was Prof. Chen who led a group of scientists on writting the Beijing Declaration on Digital Earth during the 1st ISDE in Beijing, which made series of International Symposium on Digital Earth as well as Digital Earth Summit become important events in the world, which aims to advancing the digital earth development and enabling digital earth to benifit all citizens in the world.
Prof. Chen's passing away is a great loss to the digital earth communiies in the world, and also to his family. His knowledge, character, personality and scientific contribution to the world will be with us forever...."

Wang Changlin, Prof. Dr.
Secretariat Director, International Society for Digital Earth
Editorial Assistant, International Journal of Digital Earth
Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences
14F, Kedian Tower, No. 9 Beiyitiao Road, Zhongguancun, Beijing , 100190, China
Tel: 86-10-58887297, Fax: 86-10-58887302
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