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Friday, 29 February 2008

GSDI 1o social evenings to strengthen community cohesion


GEO Sessions on the GSDI 1o Agenda


Thursday, 28 February 2008

Future Visions for SDI and the Sessions devoted to the Land Administrations

Mark Reichardt, CEO of the Open Geospatial Consortium in action. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2oo8.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

GSDI-1o Opened. Industry was also well represented

David Maguire of Chief Scientist of ESRI. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2oo8
Mark Doherty, Executive Director, Technology Architecture and Strategy of Intergraph. Image HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2oo8
Ed Parsons The Geospatial Technologist of Google Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2oo8

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Day of Workshops with a wide selection of hot topics

Henry Tom (ISO TC211 Advisory Board on Outreach) moderated the Tutorial on Standards also illustrate the regional applications by invited representations of internationally acknowledged organisations including PC-Idea, PAIGH and IISCGM.

Monday, 25 February 2008

GSDI Council Meeting in Trinidad

Bas Kok, President-elect of GSDI Association reports on the professional content of the GSDI-11. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2oo8
Chaired by outgoing President Jarmo Ratia, the Council Meeting gave the opportunity to report on the activities of the Working Groups, Committees, Actions and Liasions. The following presentations were delivered:
Technical WG by Greg Yetman (CIESIN, Columbia University)
Legal and SocioEconomic WG Roger Longhorn (indpendent expert)
communication Committee, Mark Reichardt (OGC)
Sponsored Projects Carmelle Terborgh (ESRI)
Conference Planning Committee Al Stevens, ret. (FGDC)
GI Knowledge Network Prof.Harlan Onsrud (Executive Director, GSDI)
CEOS WGISS and GEO/GEOSS Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp (HUNAGI)
The GSDI-11 Conference will be opened at the University of West Indies here in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

General Board Meeting of the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics

President dr.Herdon delivers his Report on 2007. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008
The organised community in agro-informatics:

rich in professional content and excellent international activities

The Board Meeting elected the new executive staff members of the Association. In third consequtive cycle, Dr. Miklós Herdon was re-elected as President. HUNAGI and MAGISZ keeps close ties as Partner Associations. HUNAGI invited lecturers for the SDI/GI for logistics in the theme food traceability and call for joint actions with other HUNAGI members to arrange an Open Day devoted to the International Year of the Planet Earth in Autumn this year.

FIG Commission 3 had a Conference in Valencia

FIG Commission3 Workshop was held between 18-21 February 2008, in Valencia, Spain
Supported by UN/ECE, ISPRS, FIG Com 2, EARSeL, INSPIRE, EuroSDR, the event was devoted to
Spatial Information Management Toward Environmental Management of Mega Cities
The technical program was as follows:
Technical Session 1: SIM and Urban Development
Chair: Dr Chryssy Potsiou, Rapporteur: Makis Apostolatos
Opening of the Workshop, welcome addresses by Prof Pedro J Cavero Abad and Mr Jeronimo Miron
TS 1.1 Jeronimo Miron
“Cadastre and Monitoring of Informal Settlements”
TS 1.2 Rupert Kugler
“Validation of the illegal acquisitions of land and the illegal construction of buildings”
TS 1.3 Prof Michael Barry, Florian Bruyas
“Land Administration Strategy Formulation in Post Conflict Situations: The case of Hargeisa, Somaliland”
TS 1.4 Wafula Nabutola
“Good Governance Policies and a Could-be Substantial Private Sector Contribution in Nairobi City Management”
TS 1.5 Tor Valstad
“3D Cadastre for Mega Cities”
TS 1.6 Garib Mammadov, Divankhan Ahadov
“Land Cadastre of Azerbaijan”
Technical Session 2: City Management –Case Studies
Chair: Jeronimo Miron, Rapporteur: Tor Valstad
TS 2.1 Vincent de Paul Obade
“Remote Sensing Based Approach for Monitoring Urban Growth in Mexico City: A Case Study”
TS 2.2 Dr Efi Dimopoulou, Tassos Lambropoulos, Maria Perissinaki, Prof Panagiotis Zentelis
“Urban Regeneration: A Tool for Good Land Administration, A case Study in Crete”
TS 2.3 Ozlem Sevik , Prof Zuhal Akyurek
“Application of Sleuth Model in Antalaya”
TS 2.4 Akrivi Leka, Lisa Siola, Prof Agelos Siolas, Efthimios Bakoyiannis
“The Methodology of Modelling Criteria for the Definition of Green Networks and Enhancements of Areas in the West Part of Athens”
TS 2.5 Dionysia Perperidou, Eleni Tziortzioti
“Towards Regeneration Methodology for Downgraded Large Scale Urban Areas. Athens Metropolitan Area Case Study”
TS 2.6 Khaled J. El Qutob, Faisal A. Al Suwaidi
“Abu Dhabi Present and Future Challenges”
TS 2.7 Rizqi Abdulharis, Prof K. Sarah, Prof S. Hendriatiningsih, A. Hernandi, and Prof J. Zevenbergen
“The Customary Land Tenure toward the Sustainable City Development: The Case Study of Yogyakarta, Indonesia”
Plenary Session I
Moderator: Prof Pedro J. Cavero Abad
PS 1.1 Jesus S. Miranda de Hita, Director General del Catastro
“The Spanish Cadastre and the Electronic Administration”
PS 1.2 Prof Ian Williamson, Melbourne University
“Using Cadastre to Support Sustainable Development”
PS 1.3 Prof Stig Enemark, Aalborg University, President of FIG
“Underpinning Land Management- A Major Challenge for the Global Surveying Profession”
Technical Session 3: SDI for Management of Mega Cities / Urban Areas
Chair: Prof Yerach Doytsher, Rapporteur: Prof Hartmut Mueller
TS 3.1 Michael Gould
“The INSPIRE initiative and its Implications”
TS 3.2 Dr Winfried Hawerk
“Geo-Services in Hamburg”
TS 3.3 Prof Hartmut Mueller, Mirko Siebold
“A Good Practice Example of a German Regional SDI as a Component of the Future INSPIRE Framework”
TS 3.4 Lars Broms, Jan Hallebro
“Management of SDI in Sweden- Stakeholder Cooperation and Administration”
TS 3.5 Frank Friesecke, Prof Dr Theo Koetter
“Management and Monitoring of Mega Cities”
TS 3.6 Maik Netzband, Ellen Banzhaf, Lela Prashed
“Social Science Applications on Urban Remote Sensing Data –
New Developments of two Internationally Acting Projects”
Technical Session 4: SIM and Spatial Planning
Chair: Prof Michael Barry, Rapporteur: Pekka Halme
TS 4.1 Kevin Mooney
“EuroSDR’s research activities in urban spatial data collection, management and delivery”
TS 4.2 Dr Chryssy A Potsiou, Caterina Dimitriadi
“Legal Integration and Environment Upgrading of Unplanned Development”
TS 4.3 Adriana Padureanu
“Cadastral Plan used as a basis for Spatial Planning”
TS 4.4 Prof Dr Cetin Comert, H. Akinci, N. Sahin, O. Bahar
“Spatial Data Infrastructures and Environmental Decision Making”
TS 4.5 Pierrette Fraisse
“From the Historical Treaty to INSPIRE'S Interoperability”
TS 4.6 Prof Dr Ghulam Murtaza
“SIM towards Planning and Environmental Management of Dhaka city, Bangladesh – The Context of Social and Policy Issues”
Technical Session 5: SIM in Risk Management and Cultural Heritage Aspects Related to Urban Areas
Chair: Sergei Savrov, Rapporteur: Winfried Hawerk
TS 5.1 Dr Ana Maria Cruz, Elisabeth Krausmann
“Results of the 2008 Natech Workshop: Assessing and Managing Natech Risks”
TS 5.2 Kari Strande
“eNorway and Norway Digital as Tools in Good Governance, Risk and Environment Management”
TS 5.3 Pekka Halme
“Exploiting the Land Information System for the Benefit of the Environment"
TS 5.4 Rik Wouters
“The Role of Cadastre Data in Land and Environmental Management in the Netherlands”
TS 5.5 Ageliki Koumna
“The quarter of the Yard of Miracles at Athens through passive Solar Architecture”
TS 5.6 Vladimir Tikhonov
“The Russian Cadastre Developments”
Plenary Session II
Moderator: Manuel Chueca Pazos
PS 2.1 Alberto Sereno, Director General del Instituto Geografico Nacional
“The Spanish Cartography as public policy”
PS 2.2 Prof Ian Dowman, University College London, President ISPRS
“The Application of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for the Benefit of Society”
PS 2.3 Prof Agustin Pichel, UPM
“Cartography in the Paintings of the Humanism Century”
Technical Session 6: Environmental Monitoring
Chair: Prof Babis Ioannidis, Rapporteur: Prof Bernd Teichert
TS 6.1 Prof Ralf Schroth, Iwona Maciejewska
“Disaster Response in Maritime Zones of Harbour Cities by Robotic Systems”
TS 6.2 Prof Christiana Mitsakaki, Amanda Laoupi
“Assessment of Appropriate Monitoring Methods for the Mitigation of Natural Hazards’ Impact on Tourist Cultural Sites”
TS 6.3 Sagi Dalyot, E. Keinan, Prof Yerach Doytsher
“Landslides Morphology Analysis Model Based on LiDAR and Spatial Topographic datasets Comparison”
TS 6.4 Shuib Rambat, John Elgy
“Low Accuracy Devices as Added Instruments for Precision Agriculture Mapping”
TS 6.5 Prof Zhanlu Zhang, Lanfeng Liang
“Study on the Relationship between the Growth of Economy and Quantitative Structure of Land Use - Contrastive Analysis among Eastern, Middle and Western Regions of China”
TS 6.6 Dr Alireza Gharagozlou
“Environmental Planning for Disaster Management by Using GIS (A Case Study about flood in Mazandaran)”
Technical Session 7: Technical Aspects for Urban Management
Chair: Prof Steve Frank, Rapporteur: Prof Christiana Mitsakaki
TS 7.1 Prof Ian Dowman
“3D City Models”
TS 7.2 Sagi Filin, Prof Yerach Doytsher
“From 2D to 3D Land Parcelization: Fusion of LIDAR data and Cadastral Maps”
TS 7.3 Christos Psaltis, Prof Babis Ioannidis
“A Simple Strategy for Cost-effective and Robust Informal Building Monitoring”
TS 7.4 Prof Dr Bernd Teichert
“Importance and Practical Results of Image Fusion Methods”
TS 7.5 Omar Soubra
“New Perspective on Spatial Imaging-providing easy and efficient understanding of a situation, a project or a disaster – Trends of surveying technologies”
TS 7.6 Abdel-Rahman Muhsen, Prof Michael Barry
“Technical Challenges in Developing Flexible Land Records Software”
FIG Commission 3 annual meeting
Plenary session III
Moderator: Fransisco Garcia Garcia
PS 3.1 Juan Antonio Altes Marti, Head of Department of Urban Planning in the Valencia City Hall
“The Urban Cartography in the Valencia City Hall”
PS 3.2 Christina von Schweininchen, Deputy Director UNECE Environment, Housing and Land Management Division
“The UNECE Environment, Housing and Land Management Division’s Activities”
PS 3.3 Peter Creuzer, UNECE Working Party on Land Administration
“The UNECE WPLA Activities”
PS 3.4 Dr Chryssy A Potsiou, National Technical University of Athens, FIG Commission 3 chair
“Unplanned Development in the European Region”
Technical Session 8: Educational issues related to Urban Areas Management
Chair: Kari Strande, Rapporteur: Prof Ralf Schroth
TS 8.1 Prof Stig Enemark, Aalborg University, President of FIG
“Promoting the Interaction between Education, Research, and Professional Practice”
TS 8.2 Prof Bela Markus
“Professional GIS educational Infrastructure”
TS 8.3 Report on the Workshop

CEOS WGISS-25 starts in China on 25th of February

GSDI Association will be not presented at the 25th CEOS WGISS Meeting hosted by the Chinese Academy of Science due to the temporal conflict with the GSDI-10 starting on the same day in Trinidad and Tobago. A Liasion report on the WGISS activities supporting GEOSS will be provided for the next Board Meeting participated by HUNAGI on 29 February 2008. Some highlights of the programme of the WGISS-25 meeting in Saina are as follow:
"WGISS Plenary
Report from WGISS Strategy Team
“flexible structures which allow for rapid response” to CEOS and GEO
GEO Session
Analysis WGISS/GEO Task status on 14 tasks
Updates from GEO related issues
WGISS future contributions to GEO.
WGISS Plenary

New and Invited Agency Presentations
IDN Task Team

GCMD Strategic Plan
Grid Task Team
CAT-1 WAG Report
ESA Grid Update

Sensor Web TT Reports
Sensor Web Strategies
An Approach for Repeatable Sensor Web Construction
Sensor Interoperability Requirements for GEOSS
WGCV and WGISS Joint Session
General Introduction to China's Space-Based Earth Observation System NMRSL/CSSAR/CAS
Introduction to the Satellite Programs of the State Oceanic Administration of China
China's Meteorological Satellite Programs
Prioritizing GEO/CEOS Tasks/Resources for the Working Groups

WGCV/Terrain Mapping subgroup report and WGISS joint support
Infrared and Visible Optical Sensors
WGISS Technology & Services Subgroup
Data Service Task Team

Discussion of idea about Data Preservation
Land Surface Imaging in WGISS
IGOL: Land Surface Imaging Science Needs
Land Surface Imaging Virtual Constellation and WGISS
Invited Presentations, Agency LSI Assets Contributions
WGISS Representative to LSI, Report
LSI in WGISS, Discussion
Projects & Applications Subgroup

JAXA Prototype System Status

NASA Satellite Data Server
Global Data Sets Task Team
Natural Disaster Management Project
Proposal for Implementing the CEOS Sensor Web Demo for GEOSS
WGISS Plenary
WGISS contributions to GEO
Changes to WGISS Structure and Meeting Format
WGISS 5-Year Plan – Review/Discussion/Agreement
WGISS Agency and Liaison Reports
Preparation for Joint Working Session
Future WGISS Meetings
WGCV and WGISS Joint Working Session
ISRO missions and CEOS participation
WGCV/Land Product Validation Subgroup report
Introduction to the development of international standards
Ocean sensor Cal/Val
Intercalibration scenario in collaboration with GEO-ADC, NASA EO-1
Panel discussion: CEOS Working Group joint support to the LSI Constellation
CEOS Annual Conference: Goals, Benefits, Discussion of ideas
Joint WGISS & WGCV Recommendations/Requests to CEOS
CEOS Atmospheric composition constellation:
Cal/Val issues and support
Atmospheric Composition Subgroup Report
Aura Validation Data Center, WGISS Invited Presentation
Panel discussions: CEOS Working Groups - Joint support of the AC Constellation"

Monday, 18 February 2008

The Geo Song "Mother Earth"

Video: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008

Saturday, 16 February 2008

FIG Comm 3 on Geospatial Information Management Event in Valencia

In the spotlight: Megacities and SDI
The event devoted to SDI and Megacities will be actively participated by Dr. Szabolcs Mihály, DG of FÖMI (presenting the case of Budapest) and Dr. Béla Márkus, Dean of the Faculty of Geoinformatics, West Hungary University, Chair of the Commission 2 of FIG. Both institutions are member of HUNAGI. The Hungarian e-media will be represented at the event by Dr. Szilárd Szabó Editor of Térinformatika-online.
FIG Commission 3 under the Chairwomenship of Dr. Chryssy Potsiou has a Working Group on Spatial Data Infrastructure chaired by Paul Kelly from Australia. Hungary participation in the WG is provided by HUNAGI (representing also EUROGI in Cap Sounio, 2007) and FÖMI (now in Valencia, 2008). HUNAGI provided assistance to establish contacts in order to involve Mexico City and London (via Board and ExCom members of GSDI and EUROGI respectively).
At a short meeting of DG of FÖMI and SG of HUNAGI on 15th February in Budapest, the IYPE document on Megacities released by the International Year of the Planet Earth at the Global Launch Event hosted by the UNESCO HQ earlier this week was submitted to dr. Szabolcs Mihály.

Friday, 15 February 2008

SDI explicitly referenced in the IYPE Paris Declaration

Croatian enterprise joined EUROGI

The Croatian enterprise GEOFOTO LLC has been approved as D member by electronic voting of the member of the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (EUROGI). The official contact of GEOFOTO LLC is Mr. Mladen Rapaic.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

IYPE Global Launch Event was keynoted by the French State Minister for Foreign Affairs

Image: HUNAGI Visuals resources, 2oo8 The final version of the Paris Declaration explicitly mentions the spatial data infrastructure in the UN context as it was proposed by HUNAGI and seconded by EuroGeoSurveyMore news soon.

Monday, 11 February 2008

IYPE Global Launch Event starts tomorrow

The UNESCO building of M. Breuer, venue of the IYPE GLE. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2oo8
UNESCO will host the Global Launch Event of the International Year of the Planet Earth starting tomorrow.
The hungarian Delegation headed by Dr. Károly Brezsnyánszky, Chair of the National IYPE Committee will consist
representtives of MÁFI, GGKI, West Hungary University (all member of HUNAGI) and an award winner student. Also the Hungarian e-media representative, namely the Editor in Chief of the Térinformatika-online will be present.
More news will follow on Wednesday depending on Internet connectivity.

Visit at the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Town and Country Planning

Francois Salgé, one of the founder of EUROGI in his office in the Grand Arche. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2oo8
Upon arrival in the French capital, an appointment was agreed with Mr. Francois Salgé, member of the ExCom of EUROGI and management board member of AFIGEO, the French sister society of HUNAGI. Mr. Salgé is member of the Interministerial Committee on Geoinformation called CNIG which keeps liasions with the stakeholders in France. CNIG has a role also in the implementation of INSPIRE in France. The talks covered the IYPE Global Launch Event which will start tomorrow here, the connection of the French INSPIRE Committee and CNIG/AFIGEO, recent institutional changes and some policy actions in geoinformation.
Useful websites to visit includes

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Workshop on UNSDI Deliverables in Rome on 5-6 February, 2008

FAO Headquarters in Rome.
Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007

From our daily mail: FAO UNSDI expert Jelle U. Hielkema informed the National UNSDI Coordination Offices today about the successful Workshop devoted to UNSDI Deliverables. The event was hosted in Rome on 5-6 February 2008. It is anticipated UNSDI HUCO stakeholders will be asked for providing lessons learned and other experiences in capacity building. More details:

eSDI-NET+ project meeting in Rome

The Piazza Borghese in Rome with the building of CAVEA-LABSITA, venue of the eSDI-Net+ Workshop . Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008
Orchestrated by Joao Geirinhas of EUROGI, responsible for the Work Package 2 devoted to Best practices in SDI implementation a workshop was hosted by Prof. Mauro Salvemini of the La Sapienza University of Roma on 4-5 February, 2008. With invited external experts including former EUROGI and GSDI President Prof. Ian Masser the methodology on the selection criteria of the SDI best practices have been discussed.

HUNAGI member institutions Corvinus University and the INSPIRE expert of the Ministry of Environment and Water Mr. D. Mikus provided contributions for the Secretary General of EUROGI. The findings of the workshop will be presented at the next eSDI-Net+ Consortium Meeting. HUNAGI will report on it.

Monday, 4 February 2008

EUROGI ExCom Meeting held in Rome

Participants of the Meeting hosted by CAVEA-LABSITA of the La Sapienza University of Roma. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008

Some news having impact on HUNAGI will be available soon.